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Mandy Shaw

"I love being a beekeeper.

Working with bees has granted me access

to so much more than fresh from the hive honey.

It has been a passport to connecting with a global community of like minded individuals

who share a similar passion for bees

and environmental issues.

I created this show to highlight the lives and stories of this community in a way that is informative and entertaining.

I hope that you enjoy listening as

much as I enjoy creating it!"

Current Feature

Our current featured guest is extraordinary for her many talents, her journey with bees, and her generous spirit! She is the owner of Zia Queenbees based out of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment which is also my home state. But the most recent twist in her journey brought her to the Iberian Peninsula for her Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellowship. I am so happy to share the first of many visits with Melanie Kirby!


To learn more about Melanie and her work, visit her online at!

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