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Mandy Shaw

"I love being a beekeeper.

Working with bees has granted me access

to so much more than fresh from the hive honey.

It has been a passport to connecting with a global community of like minded individuals

who share a similar passion for bees

and environmental issues.

I created this show to highlight the lives and stories of this community in a way that is informative and entertaining.

I hope that you enjoy listening as

much as I enjoy creating it!"

Current Feature

Today’s guest is a badass female beekeeper from Miami, Florida. She and her boyfriend first fell in love with bees in 2015 and have since built a successful full service beekeeping company.. Her enthusiasm and joy for bees is contagious! I really admire beekeepers who take their passion to the next level --- I also respect how challenging being a beekeeping entrepreneur can be. Today we’re diving into these issues and MORE. Joining us from her home in Miami, please welcome Tasha Trujillo!

Visit her website!

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