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Mandy Shaw

"I love being a beekeeper.

Working with bees has granted me access

to so much more than fresh from the hive honey.

It has been a passport to connecting with a global community of like minded individuals

who share a similar passion for bees

and environmental issues.

I created this show to highlight the lives and stories of this community in a way that is informative and entertaining.

I hope that you enjoy listening as

much as I enjoy creating it!"

Current Feature

I am so excited for today’s show. I invited our guest on sometime last year but she was a busy bee and she politely declined my request, but I let her know that the invitation was open because I really wanted to visit with her and learn about her farm and her beekeeping and her incredible photography! But life gets busy, so I completely understood.

She and I kept up on social media though, and one day she sent me a message saying that she was ready to join me for an episode!!! I enjoyed our talk so much that I did not want to cut anything out, so I am making this a 2 part feature. Delivering some Oprah Winfrey realness, she and I open up about some very personal struggles and how working with bees is the centering force that keeps us fabulous.

Joining us from her 13 acre farm in West Michigan, please turn it up for Roda Shope of Indigo Acres Apiary!

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