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Meet your Host

Mandy Shaw

"I love being a beekeeper.

Working with bees has granted me access

to so much more than fresh from the hive honey.

It has been a passport to connecting with a global community of like minded individuals

who share a similar passion for bees

and environmental issues.

I created this show to highlight the lives and stories of this community in a way that is informative and entertaining.

I hope that you enjoy listening as

much as I enjoy creating it!"

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Current Feature

Join Mandy for a conversation with Bee-ing Apis creator Rob Hull!

Bee-ing Apis, in his own words, is a comic about beekeeping, with a strange sense of humor, bad puns, wordplay, dad jokes, and the occasional cerebral challenge. He is clever, quirky, humble, and has generously shared his comics with us since 2015.

You can get an array of Rob’s designs at beeingapis.threadless.com He also has an author page at lulu.com where you can get the official Bee-ing apis desk calendar and a book featuring his work from 2015-2016. Bee sure to follow Bee-ing Apis on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen here.


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